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Mediums by Jo Sonja

We have developed an unparalleled painting system! By using a basic palette of colours, you can create heirloom-quality artwork at a fraction of the cost compared to lower quality craft paints. Jo Sonja’s painting system enables you to paint on wood, metal, glass, tile, fabric, walls, floors, or virtually any surface using one set of paints.

The Secret to Versatility:

Jo Sonja® Fine Artist’s Mediums are designed to provide artists with exceptional control over their paints under various conditions. These mediums enhance the performance of Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours, making them adaptable to a wide range of techniques and applications.

Key Mediums and Their Benefits:

Flow Medium: Reduces the viscosity of Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours, providing excellent flow control for long strokes, fine detail, calligraphy, and airbrushing.

Textile Medium: Instantly transforms Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours into durable fabric paints, suitable for natural fabrics.

Clear Glaze Medium: Creates transparent colours for glaze techniques, wood staining, and blending.

Gel Retarder: Extends the drying time, allowing for longer blending and the application of thicker paint layers.

Magic Mix: Ideal for transparent colour layering and detail work, providing a matte finish with extended blending time.

Texture Paste: Adds texture to artwork, drying flexible without cracking, and can be mixed directly with palette colours.

Crackle Medium: Produces ‘porcelain’ crazed effects, enhancing the visual texture of your artwork.

Directions for Use: Jo Sonja’s mediums can be mixed with the Artists’ Colours to achieve desired effects, whether it’s for creating transparent glazes, extending drying times, or adding texture. They are safe, water-based, and clean up easily with soap and water.


Surfaces: These mediums allow you to paint on a multitude of surfaces including wood, canvas, fabric, glass, and metal.

Techniques: Suitable for various painting techniques including glazing, texturing, and fabric painting.

Safety and Composition: All Jo Sonja® Fine Artist Mediums are water-based, conforming to ASTM D 4236 standards, and are certified non-toxic. They are free from harmful substances such as latex, and do not contain egg, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, or peanuts, making them safe for a wide range of users.

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