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Jo Sonja brilliant Metallic Colours are formulated using mica pigments – high quality, heavy bodied pigments that will not tarnish over time. 

Metallic colors are used to achieve dramatic effects in stenciling, color bands, highlighting, liner work, bronzing and faux finishes. The metallic colors are compatible with all Jo Sonja's mediums.  The metallic colors can be easily mixed with all Jo Sonja's Artists' Colors to create iridescent effects.

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Jo Sonja® Premium Metallics are formulated using a heavy concentration of the finest premium mica pigments for beautiful, flowing single coat coverage.  These colors are available in 2oz bottles and are mixed to a slightly more flow consistency than our tube acrylics.

Fine artist quality, heavy bodied pigments that will not tarnish over time. Compatible with all Jo Sonja® Mediums, they may be used to achieve dramatic and beautiful effects in stenciling, color bands, highlighting, line work, bronzing and Faux Finishes.

One Coat Coverage

Creamy Flow Consistency

Apply alone or mix directly into other colors to achieve iridescent effects.

Approximate coverage: 1ml = 157 sq cm 1 oz = 5 sq ft

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