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These beautiful  micaceous-based colors are for artists and crafters who wish to add a touch of  glamour or glitter to a piece, such as the translucent glow of an  angel's wings, a butterfly, a fish or the brilliant iridescent shimmer  on a mallard drake's neck. Simply mix the iridescent colors directly  into your paints or apply after decorating to highlight specific  areas. The choice is yours.

For best use when using the Iridescent paints in an Airbrush, check out our techinque sheet  :



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Translucent colors for highlighting, overall iridescent effects and faux finishes.
• Iridescent Colors reflect off the background. Over dark backgrounds, the colors are quite vivid. Over a light background, the color appears soft and subtle.

• Iridescent Colors appear milky white until dried. Label palette to avoid confusion.
• Apply to prepared surface full strength or thinned with medium, depending on desired effect.
• Use a variety of techniques (eg sponging, stroking, dry brushing, splattering or overglazing) to apply Iridescent Colors. Color will be more intense if undiluted. Apply undiluted to accent details using a dry brush technique.
• Thin using a small amount of Retarder Medium or apply to a surface moistened with Retarder for a soft effect. Apply with a sponge or brush.  Use thinned color for a glaze over a painted surface. Brush a medium coat of thinned color over prepared surface. Create various effects and patterns by removing the overglaze with a sponge, plastic wrap or cloth for a ‘ragging off’ technique.
• Use Magic Mix to thin colors for stroke work, floated color or to apply small amounts of iridescent color. Add to final highlight color for a unique effect. Layering will deepen color.
• For spattering, thin as needed using small amounts of Flow Medium or water for consistency desired. The more Flow Medium used, the more transparent the color becomes. Spatter by pulling thumb over the end of a firm bristle brush filled with thinned color to create desired effect.  May be applied over a barrier coat of Clear Glaze Medium so that excess spattering can be easily removed.

Approximate coverage: 1ml = 125 sq cm 1 oz = 4 sq ft

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