Collection: Background Colours

Jo Sonja® Background Colours

All of Jo Sonjas Backgorund Colours -  background paint for one coat on most surfaces

Specifically designed to provide one-coat coverage on most surfaces. The formulation is slightly different from the palette colours, incorporating fillers to smooth out imperfections, making base coating easier. Each colour is independently tested and conforms to ASTM lightfastness standards, ensuring they will not fade over time.

Versatility: Can be used alone or in conjunction with all other Chroma’s Jo Sonja® Artists’ and Background Colours.

Techniques: Compatible with Chroma’s Jo Sonja® Mediums for various techniques and special effects.

Applications: Suitable for most surfaces, including wood, paper, cards, illustration board, canvas, glass, and terracotta.

Collections: Available in five toned collections.

Harmonious Use: Each collection offers a range of colours that can be used individually or in harmony with other colours in the collection.