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Jo Sonja® Iridescent Colours

Iridescent Acylic Paint - Jo Sonjas - Artist Quality Paints

These exquisite micaceous-based colours are perfect for artists looking to infuse their artwork with a touch of glamour or glitter. Ideal for creating the translucent glow of an angel’s wings, the delicate sheen of a butterfly, or the iridescent shimmer on a mallard’s neck, these colours offer versatile options for various artistic effects.

Jo Sonja® Iridescent Colours can be mixed directly into your paints or applied over decorated areas to highlight specific details. They are designed to produce translucent colours for highlighting, overall iridescent effects, and faux finishes.

Iridescent Colours reflect light beautifully off the background. When used over dark backgrounds, the colours appear quite vivid and striking. Conversely, over light backgrounds, they create a soft and subtle effect, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your artwork.

Usage Tips: For optimal iridescent effects, consider the background colour. Dark backgrounds enhance the vividness of the iridescent colours, while light backgrounds offer a gentle, subtle glow.

Iridescent bundle - jo Sonjas acrylic paints