Collection: Premium Pearlescent Acrylics

Jo Sonja® Premium Pearlescent Acrylics

Perlescent Colours - Jo Sonjas Acrylic Paints

Jo Sonja® Premium Pearlescent Acrylics are meticulously formulated using a blend of the finest iridescent, pearlescent, and fine art pigments available, resulting in stunning visual effects. This collection features 14 beautiful colours, both opaque and transparent, all available in 2oz bottles. These high-quality, heavy-bodied pigments are designed to retain their brilliance and will not tarnish over time.

These acrylics are compatible with all Jo Sonja® Mediums, enabling artists to achieve dramatic and beautiful effects in stencilling, colour bands, highlighting, line work, bronzing, and faux finishes. As a professional artist's acrylic, they are ideal for both decorative and fine art painting, offering a creamy flow consistency that ensures ease of use and superior results.

Jo Sonja® Premium Pearlescent Acrylics can be used directly from the bottle or mixed with Jo Sonja® Mediums, making them versatile for painting on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, wood, metal, fabric, and glass. The paints provide a shimmering iridescent lustre akin to that of a pearl, and layering these colours will enhance and deepen their visual impact.

Usage and Care: To clean up, simply use mild soap and cool water.