Airbrushing with Jo Sonjas' paints

Airbrushing with Jo Sonja Acrylic Paints

Choosing the Right Paint For airbrushing, the paint's viscosity is crucial for smooth flow through the airbrush equipment. Artists have two choices: select a specialized airbrush paint or adapt a versatile, general-purpose acrylic like Jo Sonja's with an appropriate medium.

Airbrushing Acrylic paints from Jo Sonjas


Achieving the Correct Consistency Unlike thinning with water, which dilutes the paint's colour strength, adding Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium preserves colour intensity while reducing viscosity for optimal airbrush application. Beginners may need to experiment with mixing ratios; typically, a mixture of three parts Flow Medium to one part paint works well. Adjust the ratio to find the perfect consistency for your equipment and achieve professional results comparable to specialised airbrush paints, but at a fraction of the cost.

Management Tips

  • Weather Considerations: In dry conditions, incorporate 10% Jo Sonja Retarder Medium to prevent the paint from drying at the airbrush tip.
  • Clean-Up: Jo Sonja paints are water-soluble. Remove wet paint with a damp cloth. For paints on absorbent surfaces or dry paints, use cold soapy water. Note that some pigments may stain porous surfaces.

By mastering these techniques, artists can enjoy high-quality airbrushing with Jo Sonja’s acrylics—efficient, cost-effective, and with minimal fumes and mess.