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Jo Sonjas

Faux Meister Brush Soap / Chroma Brush Soap- 250ml

Faux Meister Brush Soap / Chroma Brush Soap- 250ml

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*** Please note that, due to unprecedented demand for this amazing product, we are currently out of stock of it under the 'Jo Sonjas' brand label.  We are, however, able to supply the same product under the 'Chroma' label.  Hubby has tested it and it is as incredible as it claims!  Lynn Jo Sonja Brush Soap & Conditioner cleans and preserves by returning essential oils to the hair and bristle of natural or synthetic brushes so elasticity is maintained.  Removes acrylic, oil, water or lacquer paints.Directions:Remove excess paint from brushes using appropriate procedure.  Wipe gently with a cloth to remove excess if using oil or lacquer, rinse with cool water if using acrylic.Use Brush Soap & Conditioner undiluted in the palm of your hand or container that will allow you to see when colour is no longer being removed from the brush.Gently stroke the brush backward and forward, working the soap well into the bristles.  Fingertips may be used to work the soap into the bristles against the ferrule of the brush.  DO NOT USE FINGER NAILS as this could damage bristles!Rinse well in tepid water to insure all of the Brush Soap & Conditioner has been completely removed from bristles and the water runs clear.Reshape and allow brush to dry completely lying flat, before using again.  Never force dry a brush.Water-soluble colours should be washed from the brush with cool water and brush soap (remove any dried acrylic paint with products made for that purpose) When paint and soap have been completely removed from the brush, dress in Retarder Medium for storage.Oil colours should be wiped off gently but thoroughly with a clean cloth.  The hair or bristle should be washed and treated with brush soap and warm water until a pure white lather is produced.  Rub the body of the brush carefully to dissolve and remove the remains of pigment, which sticks to the edge of the ferrule.  Rinse and dress for storage.  Never use strongfat dissolving soaps or detergents.Keep out of reach of children.  First Aid: For eye contact, immediately wash with warm water for 15 minutes.  Call a physician if irritation develops.  If swallowed, drink water, induce vomiting and call a physician immediately.Water based, can be cleaned up with mild soap and cool water.Conforms to ASTM D 4236 and is Non Toxic.
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About Jo Sonjas Paints

The Paint: Jo Sonja's Artists Colours

Discover the vibrant potential of Jo Sonja’s Artists Colours, specially formulated flow formula acrylics that emulate traditional gouache. Crafted from the finest quality, pure pigments, these colours provide artists with exceptional coverage and a velvety matte finish. Ideal for intricate layering, the quick-drying nature allows for overpainting without damaging earlier layers, facilitating seamless corrections and enhancements to your artwork.

Unlike typical craft paints, Jo Sonja's offers a professional range designed for the discerning artist. Each colour is two to three times more concentrated, ensuring that your creations will pop with permanent, brilliant hues. Simplified use comes standard, as these paints are designed for immediate application without the need for complex instructions. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, Jo Sonja’s Artists Colours are engineered to elevate your artistic vision to new heights.


Jo Sonja acrlic paints, About the paints


Jo Sonja's® Artist Colours & Mediums

Founded in 1985 by Jim Cobb, Director of Chroma, and celebrated folk artist Jo Sonja Jansen, Jo Sonja's Decorative Painting System is a testament to innovation and artistic tradition. The collaboration aimed to fulfil the sophisticated demands of serious artists, combining Chroma's cutting-edge technology with versatile, long-lasting products. The system offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling artists to master historical techniques and pioneer new ones, thus securing a robust foothold in the decorative painting market.

Artists around the globe have come to recognize and value the brand's exceptional quality. Jo Sonja’s continues to influence the decorative arts significantly, with Chroma's commitment to innovation and excellence ensuring its ongoing leadership and presence in the market.


The Decorative Painting System

With the range of paints, also comes a range of mediums to allow unlimited techniques.  Acrylic mediums are invaluable if you wish to change the paint consistency or alter drying times.  Chroma has discovered ways of allowing the same set of colours to be applied on a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, glass and textiles.  The same colours (with the use of the mediums) can be stencilled, stamped, crackled or used in a host of elaborate faux finishes.  By experimenting with the mediums, there are endless possibilities that can be achieved.  Technique information sheets, designed to inspire your imagination, can be found on this website.   Chroma continues its research and development of new products. 

 The range of jo sonjas products

ASTM Standards and Jo Sonja's Artist Colours

Jo Sonja's Artist Colours are crafted using the highest quality pure pigments, adhering to rigorous ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standards. This independent body ensures reliable classification for pigment lightfastness and health labelling standards. Each colour in our range boasts an ASTM rating, affirming its resistance to fading and guaranteeing that the hues will remain vibrant and true for generations.

Our ongoing commitment to quality is reflected in continual testing and stringent quality controls, allowing artists to trust implicitly in the enduring brilliance and performance of our paints.


Jo Sonja's Paint Quality and Standards

ASTM Ratings: Ensuring Colour Longevity

ASTM 1 – Excellent Lightfastness: Highest rating, indicating superior resistance to fading.
ASTM 2 – Very Good Lightfastness: Very reliable in maintaining colour integrity over time.

    Note: All Jo Sonja’s paints are rigorously tested and carry either an ASTM 1 or 2 rating, ensuring top-tier durability and fade-resistance for your artwork.

    Archival Quality:

    Archival Standards: Jo Sonja’s paints and mediums are not only lightfast but also archival and lignin-free, making them an ideal choice for artworks intended for long-term preservation.

      By using Jo Sonja’s paints, artists ensure their creations remain as vivid and impactful as the day they were painted, backed by our commitment to quality and enduring performance.